Candy Pumpkin Boxes – AMAZING!

What an absolutely fantastic and delicious idea, perfect for the Halloween season! We are definitely doing this in our household this Halloween.
This awesome kitchen project uses Wilton candies melted into molds which are then filled with candies and then topped with another candy lid to keep all the candy goodies safe inside.  

Check out the recipe below!



Candy Pumpkin Boxes

1. Melt green and orange Wilton candies in the microwave in separate bowl
2. Spoon melted candy into Wilton 3D candy molds
3. Place in fridge to cool and set (about 45min to 1 hour)
4. Once set, remove from fridge and carefully remove candy pumpkins from mold
5. Fill with candies of your choice (M&Ms, skittles, nerds etc)


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  1. Ok this looks like crazy fun! Where do you find all these ideas! I’m going out to bulk barn tomorrow and going to do this with the kids when they get home from school.

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