Handmade Designs

Handmade designs are based on your needs - we want to make sure we fully capture your design visions. Handmade Moments Boards are designed on canvas boards using a combination of acrylic paints and specialty smudge-free ink. So there's no need to worry about your special product being smudged or erased.  The chalkboard surface is a unique feature which provides the option to use & re-use the signs using real chalk on them too. Simply use chalk for notes on pieces like our Baby Monthly Milestone Boards, Family Menu Planners, or use chalk to update your child's progress on designs like our homework, tooth brushing, & potty training boards.  The possibilities are endless. Let us know how we can help you design your next MAJOR Moment!

Benjamin Kaiman newborn product image


Digital Designs

Digital designs offer an alternative to handmade Moments boards.  We are able to customize and create digital designs for many of the existing handmade design options. Digitally-produced Moments Boards are first digitally designed and then printed and mounted over top of a canvas board. Another option is to simply order the high-resolution digital design file. The the "digital file only" option you will receive your high res file by email and then you can download the high quality file and print at your leisure.  Alternatively for a small additional fee, leave all of the work to us and have MAJOR Moments print and mount or frame the file for you.  If a digital design is what you desire, for more information and pricing please inquire when you place your order.

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