Fun with Coloured “Sand”

Who remembers this one from when they were a kid?!  This cheap, DIY activity provides great sensory integration for your little ones.  They get to work with different colours and textures and ultimately it ‘s a chance to get their creative juices flowing.


And the best part is all  it requires is two main ingredients:

1. Salt
2. Coloured Chalk

Rub different colours of chalk with the salt to create a variety of different coloured “sands”.  Then have the kids pour varying amounts of “sand” into a clear glass or plastic jar or can.  Try tilting or shaking the jar at different points to get different effects and swirls throughout the layers.

Another variation on this activity is to create some designs with liquid glue on a piece of paper and then sprinkle the “sand” on the picture, and voila, the kiddies have a beautiful piece of art work!

Can’t wait to do this one with my kiddos!